What Makes Our Voices Special?

Our voices are highly Responsive.

When the user moves to a new piece of text, it is spoken instantly without a noticeable pause.

This is very important for a visually-impaired user who needs to move quickly from one piece of text to another. Our V.I. users love our voices for this reason.

Most TTS systems are targeted at a sighted users listening to text without a lot of interaction. In such use “responsiveness” is not an important issue.

Our voices run Locally.

The TTS engine runs on the user’s device, not on “the Cloud”. Even low-power Android phones can run our voices.

Internet connectivity is not required.

Privacy ensured.

We can develop Free voices for Under-served Languages with Low Development Costs.

Commercial TTS companies cannot afford to invest in producing voices for markets which do not have enough end-user consumers.

Costs for researching the phonetics and writing systems of a language are high. We benefit from having a small team of cross-domain experts who combine linguistic, phonetic, software development and project management skills.