Our Voices

Hana: Albanian

Hana së shpejti do të jetë këtu!

Hana is a female Albanian voice, currently under-development (July 2021). Hana will speak Standard Albanian, but with a voice which can be placed as coming from the northern, Gheg-speaking part of North Macedonia.

Kiko: Macedonian

Photo of Hristijan Pop-Simonov

Kiko is a male Macedonian voice. Our designed speech corpus was recorded for us by Hristijan Pop-Simonov, of the Samoglas audiobooks project.

Ви благодариме, Христијан за одличната работа!

Published in July 2021 it should replace the only other Macedonian TTS voice, developed using the E-Speak TTS.

Here are three audio clips, all synthesizing the same text which gives information on COVID-19.

The first clip is spoken by Kiko. The second is spoken by E-Speak, until now the only Macedonian voice for TTS.

The third clip is Kiko played at twice default speed. Some users a using a faster playback rate than this.

Kiko speaking at default speed
Kiko speaking at twice default speed

Letícia: Brazilian Portuguese

Letîcia was developed with F123 Consulting in Brazil, the work being funded with a grant from Dubai Expo Live

Sara Bentes is a singer and actress in Rio de Janeiro. She recorded our Brazilian speech corpus.

Sara is also blind and a user of Letícia.

Sara talks with the TTS derived from her voice recordings.