Our Voices

Hana: Albanian

Hana is a female voice, speaking in the style of someone from the Shkup (Skopje) area of Northern Macedonia. Download and install instructions are available in English and Albanian.

Hana was trained on recordings made for us by the wonderful, Fjolla Telai of Skopje, North Macedonia.

Here are two audio clips of Hana reading lines from two famous poems. Hana speaks those at about 90% of her normal speed. Also, a short dialog between Hana and Kiko, our Macedonian voice, taken from St. Exupéry’s, The Little Prince

Këtu s’do jem
The Little Prince

Kiko: Macedonian

Photo of Hristijan Pop-Simonov

Kiko is a male Macedonian voice. Our designed speech corpus was recorded for us by Hristijan Pop-Simonov, of the Samoglas audiobooks project.

Ви благодариме, Христијан за одличната работа!

Published in July 2021 it should replace the only other Macedonian TTS voice, developed using the E-Speak TTS.

Here are three audio clips, all synthesizing the same text which gives information on COVID-19.

The first clip is spoken by Kiko. The second is spoken by E-Speak, until now the only Macedonian voice for TTS.

The third clip is Kiko played at twice default speed. Some users a using a faster playback rate than this.

Kiko speaking at default speed
Kiko speaking at twice default speed

Letícia: Brazilian Portuguese

Letîcia was developed with F123 Consulting in Brazil, the work being funded with a grant from Dubai Expo Live

Sara Bentes is a singer and actress in Rio de Janeiro. She recorded our Brazilian speech corpus.

Sara is also blind and a user of Letícia.

Sara talks with the TTS derived from her voice recordings.